How do I purchase a plan?

Pay online using a credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Can I download an app on my phone?

Lionlock.com is designed to work on mobile browsers – just browse it from your phone or tablet. You can also download the LionLock Android app in GooglePlay. An app for iPhone is coming soon!

What is a Secret?

LionLock can store all kinds of protected information, including passwords, website logins, bank accounts and credit card details. Because this information should be protected, we call these “Secrets.” For example, if you enter information for one bank account into LionLock, we would call that one Secret.

Who can see my Secrets?

Only members of your team with LionLock accounts can see Secrets. Your account Users can only see the Secrets that have been shared with them. If you designate one of your account holders as a Manager, they will be able to see ALL Secrets stored in your LionLock account.

Managers can manage user access by logging into LionLock and clicking "Manage Users" on the Management screen. This provides a list of all Managers and Users in your account. All of your Secrets are protected with AES-256 encryption. LionLock developers and employees are not able to see your passwords.

Can I see deleted Secrets?

No, deleting a Secret is irreversible. Only owners are able to delete Secrets.

What’s the difference between a Company Vault and Personal Vault?

Company Vaults are made to share your team or company's Secrets. Managers of the company can view ALL secrets that you create and individual Secrets can be shared with specific users. This helps the company protect and share Secrets efficiently.

As you learn more about LionLock, we have a feeling you’ll want to store your own personal Secrets too, like the logins for your cable or loan accounts. These Secrets are personal and shouldn’t be shared with your company! So we give all company users their own Free Personal Vault too! If you need more Personal Secrets or Users, you can upgrade your Personal Vault at any time.

One of my users quit! Is there a way to see all their Secrets?

A Manager can see user history and what Secrets they have access to from the Manage Users screen. User History shows any Secrets they viewed, and Access shows what Secrets have been shared with them.

Are my passwords secure?

All Secrets are encrypted with AES-256, the same level of encryption the government uses for Top Secret documents. Only Managers and Users registered to your account can see certain Secrets, based on the permissions you specify within your own LionLock vaults.

LionLock employees do not have access to your account and are unable to view your data.

How do I close my account?

You can close your account from the user profile page. If you are the only manager left and you close your LionLock account, all accounts will be closed and the Secrets will no longer be accessible. Closing down an entire LionLock account cannot be undone.